David Letterman Admits To Enjoying Sex With Women

Late night talk show host David Letterman admitted that he enjoys having sex with women, according to Unconfirmed Sources.

It would appear that Letterman has had sex with several female members of his staff, a few women at his health club, a couple of business associates and the cleaning lady.

“I do enjoy sex”, Letterman candidly revealed. “But I’m married now and I can have all the sex I want without touching my staff”.

Letterman disclosed that he enjoys various types of sex including, but not limited to, oral, anal, ‘hand jobs” and numerous sexual positions.

“I think a person should be able to engage in various types of positions in order to please the particular lady he’s with”, Letterman stated. “Some women prefer one type of sex whereas others prefer another type. I’m gifted in all areas”.

Letterman’s openness caused a swarm of lovely ladies to stream into his office in the hopes of having sex with the talk show host. Letterman kindly thanked them all and sent them home — with rain checks.