DeLay's Attorneys Push for Trial in Court of Public Opinion

Austin, Tx (UPSI) – Attorneys Dick DeGuerin and Richard P. Keeton, representing Tom Delay in his money laundering case in Texas filed a surprise motion this weekend with judge Bob Perkins who is currently hearing the case. This motion was in addition to their motion requesting Judge Perkins’ removal from the case for political reasons filed earlier this week. The new motion cited the need for abandoning the legal system altogether, in this particular situation, and instead having the case decided expeditiously by “The Court of Public Opinion”.

DeGuerin stated, “Tom Delay is innocent of these baseless politically motivated charges, and we fear that this action may be the only way to avoid a prejudicial persecution at the hands of the Democratic Party. Tom has done nothing wrong, and this is just business as usual in America. We are more than willing to take our chances in the higher “Court of Public Opinion”.

Keeton added, “It’s almost comical to watch the indignation, and lethargy of the Left over this. That very attitude was killing Texas and America in general, and was the main reason for the formation and success of TRMPAC in the first place. Under the tireless leadership and reform of Tom Delay we are on the brink of realizing the “Commercialization of Law and Politics”. A new, and better day is now dawning for corporate America. The movement is bigger than Tom and simply will not be stopped. Anyone, such as Ronnie Earle who persists in insisting upon letter of the law and ethics versus free market is doomed. We will continue to try to work with Mr. Earle, however, and we have every hope that he will eventually come to reason and see things Tom’s way.”

Tom Delay attempting to confer with prosecutor Ronnie Earle in court on Friday

When asked to elaborate on their vision for venues for the Court of Public Opinion, the defense team suggested that competing telethons were being considered, as well as a deserted island type of “Survivor” series if a settlement could not be reached. The series would pit Tom head to head with Mr. Earle in various locations. Commercial sponsors have apparently begun to scramble for a piece of the action as well, with Stanley Tools in the lead with a bid of $200 million to promote the series and “The Hammer”.