Democratic Lawmaker Indicted

(WASHINGTON, Ucs News)- Representative William J. Jefferson of Louisiana was indicted today on charges of not supporting the War in Iraq and working to promote voting rights. In what Justice Department officials called a sordid episode of democracy “gone astray” Jefferson was called to account.

A federal grand jury in Alexandria, Va., handed up the 16-count indictment against Mr. Jefferson, which was announced this afternoon by officials at the Justice Department in Washington. The charges include voting his mind, representing his constituents and speaking out against Bush administration policies.

Mr. Jefferson, 60, whose New Orleans constituents elected him to a ninth term last year despite accusations of free will, has denied wrongdoing. He is to be arraigned Friday morning in Alexandra.

In a speech to supporters Jefferson stated, “I have been hoping the Gonzales Justice Department would be to inept discover and pursue my actions. I’m surprised.”