Democrats Pray for Mike Huckabee

(Iowa : Ucs News) Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee has been surging in popularity. Republicans and Democrats alike have been singing the praises of the one time Baptist minister. As evangelicals flock to Huckabee’s conservative credentials, Democrats pray he will win the Republican nomination pulling the GOP further out of the mainstream and into electoral oblivion.

As Huckabee arrived in New Hampshire this week he vowed in an interview with the Herald to bring god into the White House and into the lives of all Americans, like it or not. A promise that just weeks ago would have seemed a pipe dream. But Huckabee has skyrocketed to the top of Iowa polls and now has his sights on the Republican nomination.

As Huckabee and Iowa Republicans drag the GOP to the right, Moderate Democrats will easily fill the center, gathering up the critical independent minded voters. Leading Democratic strategists agree that God is on the side of Democrats in this case. While Iowa voters are drawn to Huckabee’s faith they are overlooking his lack of foreign policy experience and shockingly shallow economic strategy.

Democrats have long prayed for an unproven far right idealog like Mike Huckabee would secure the Republican base and leave the other 70% of Americans free to vote for a sensible Democrat like John Edwards or Barack Obama. With Huckabee surging, we will truly be blessed in 2008.