Dems Grill Bremer on Billions Missing in Iraq

Washington – House Democrats on Tuesday grilled the former U.S. administrator of Iraq, L. Paul Bremer, demanding that he account for billions of dollars distributed in Iraq that no one seems able to trace.

Much of the questioning focused on $12 billion – mostly in $100 bills packed in huge bundles, 363 tons of cash in all – from Iraqi oil sales and frozen assets of Saddam Hussein’s regime. The U.S. shipped the money to Iraq for Bremer’s organization to disburse to Iraqi ministries.

Bremer was unable to explain the loss. ” It was delivered late at night, too late to distribute, so we stacked it in a field next to the airport. The next morning, it was all gone, except for a few hundred-dollar-bills fluttering in the breeze.”

” You must realize, continued Brenner, “that as Chief Administrator of Iraq, I had lots of things more important to do, I’m pleased to report that the second replacement shipment of $12 billion, was safely delivered to the Green Zone, where Iraqi officials, Blackwater, Brown & Root, Halliburton and other U.S. contractors warmly thanked us. I am sure it was put to good use!”

House Republican Whip, Roy Blunt (Mo.) warmly congratulated Brenner. ” Thank you Mr. Brenner. On behalf of my fellow Republicans, who are quite familiar with the mysterious disappearance of funds, we accept your explanation. You may step down, and thank you. ….and now we will proceed to more important issues.”