Dennis Hastert fights to save his job, but didn't fight to save the children

(Washington D.C.) Ucs News, Republicans are watching in amazement as House Speaker, Dennis Hastert fights tooth and nail to hold on to his leadership position. Many others are asking the question “Where was Hastert when the children needed his help?” He left them in the hands of Mark Foley.

Hastert it seems was more interested in the political power of the Republican party and less interested in protecting children from his drunken perverted associate. Records indicate that Hastert knew of Foleys “sexual problems” but did nothing. Child advocates nationwide have blasted Hastert for leaving children in harms way.

Hastrert’s troubles only deepened today as President George W. Bush whispered measured words of support for his handling of the scandal. WIth the President’s approval ratings below that of the disgraced Foley, the less said the better in this case.

Speaker J. Dennis Hastert has given up on saving the children but has not given up on himself. The Speaker opened an intense drive on Tuesday to hold on to his post, but behind the scenes, senior Republicans weighed whether he could survive the scandal surrounding former drunk, gay Representative Mark Foley.