Department of Homeland Security Releases 2008 Terror Alert Notice

(Washington D.C. : Ucs News)– Secretary Chertoff announced a new Terror Alert Notice for the calendar year of 2008. According to Department of Homeland Security terror prediction analysts and ranking Republican national committee members the months leading up to the US Presidential election will be increasing dangerous.

To remind voters of the gathering threats of terror the Department of Homeland Security will be adjusting the terror alerts as the 2008 Presidential election nears it’s conclusion. The revised notice schedule will be set to Green (low) in July and will increase to Red (Severe) in November, reaching the highest level just 5 days ahead of the election date.

Secretary Chertoff stated the Terror Alert Notices were developed with the assistance of John McCain’s national security adviser Bud McFarlane. McFarlane devised the notice schedule to help clarify the terror threats that will increase once Al-Qaeda learns the identity of the Democratic challenger to face McCain in the 2008 general election.