Department of Veterans Affairs hires Hiu Lui Ng's nurse

LAS VEGAS, NV–Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary James Peake announced in a press conference that the VA would be hiring the nurse who helped kill Hiu Lui Ng through medical neglect.

“The Department of Veterans Affairs has taken drastic measures to save on costs associated with caring for veterans so that VA executives and employees can get better pay and benefits,” said James Peake. “Hiu Lui Ng’s nurse perfected the way VA medical personnel cut costs: through medical neglect of veterans.”

Hiu Lui Ng was a 34-year old Chinese immigrant, who has been in the United States since his teens, and his “crime” was staying past the expiration of his visa. He was a computer engineer with a wife and two children who are all U.S. citizens. He was held prisoner by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. While prisoner, he got sick with cancer, ending up with a broken spine, eventually dying earlier this month. Although he tried to seek medical help, his nurse told him to “stop faking” his illness, exactly how VA nurses treat veterans.

Hiu Lui Ng’s nurse, Emma Crooke, a Full Nurse Practitioner, has been awarded with a GS-15 job, overseeing all of the nurses at the Las Vegas VA Medical Center. After adding bonuses onto her salary, she will be awarded with $427,000 in compensation, and more for “good performance.”

“If FNP Emma Crooke continues to ensure that veterans die off to save us from having to spend money on veterans, she will get more in bonuses,” said the director of the Las Vegas VAMC, John Bright. Director Bright also stated, “The beautiful thing for FNP Crooke is that she won’t need to worry about malpractice suits and malpractice insurance, since she will be employed by the federal government. I see nothing but a promising career for Ms. Crooke at the VA.”