Despite Green Zone Bombings George W. Bush renews 5 year lease

(Green Zone : Baghdad) Unconfirmed Sources report the Bush administration has reached a new agreement with Green Zone property owner, WT Property Holdings Iraq LTD. The Baghdad property management firm agreed to renew the Green Zones 5 year lease, but demanded a 965 Million dollar security deposit plus the first and last months rent.

The deal valued at over 19 billion dollars guarantees large American presence in Baghdad until at-least 2013. The White house has been negotiating around the clock to close the deal so not to interrupt the ongoing troop surge. According to administration officials ” The Green Zone Property is key to our operations in Baghdad remember Location, Location, Location.”

War Torn Property Holdings Iraq Limited, is one of the largest real-estate investment firms in the middle east. The firm has investments in many of the regions most dangerous areas. The firm has assets valued at over 145 billion dollars but has faced significant losses in recent years.

WT Property Holdings Iraq LTD Spokesmen Kamal Tabuli stated, “The firm is solvent but the Israeli attack on Lebanon and the systematic destruction of Iraq has significantly reduced the firms share price.” Tabuli would not comment on active litigation but did state “We are pursuing claims for the destruction of property.”

According to documents filed in the Haig. The Firm seeks unspecified damages against the Israeli Army for the destruction of Lebanon and A company of the US Marines 3rd divisions armored Assault team stationed in Baghdad, for “damage to carpeting and destruction of a toilet”