Devin Nunes Wins Coveted White House Internship

Devin Nunes Wins White House Internship.
Devin Nunes Wins White House Internship.

(Tulare, CA) Hometown boy Devin Nunes does good.  Nunes has won a very prestigious White House internship. Nunes bested a wide field of applicants for the internship in the White House Press Office.

“We are so proud of  Devin,” says wife Elizabeth Tamariz.  “Devin has worked very hard for Mr. Trump.  This is a great opportunity for him.  I think the press office will be perfect for him.”

“This is a very big step up for Nunes,” says White House Watcher Cynthia Nordberg.  “Being the Chair of the House Intelligence Committee is kind of a dead end job in the Trump era.  He has really done well for himself to get out while the getting is good.”

The internship will place Devin Nunes at the heart of the Tump operation.  As described by the White House

“Interns will work in different areas of the department, including national press, communications, and messaging. Interns should have an interest in media relations, strategic messaging, or political communications. Applicants are expected to keep up with the 24-hour news cycle and will be working in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment. Interns should be comfortable both working on a team and individually. Those with strong multi-tasking abilities, resourcefulness, and enthusiasm are encouraged to apply.”

Nunes to work for Trump and District.

Nunes says that he “…is proud to be a part of the White House teams and looks forward to working with Mr. Trump and representing the residents of the California’s 22rd District.”

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