Dick Cheney Accidentally Shoots Britney Spears

(Washington, D.C.) Dick Cheney seems to have his eye on bigger game than long time Republican supporters like Harry Whittington, an alleged 911 call from the Cheney household late last evening claimed that the Vice President, while Tivo-ing a Britney Spears’ concert, capped the baby on board my lap when I drive mom right in the head with an accidental discharge.

An unidentified female voice on the 911 tape is heard to be saying: “Holy (expletive deleted), you’ve got to get an ambulance over here. He was just watching that Britney Spears on ET again and his gun went off.” Sources are still unable to determine what gun it was. If it was, in fact, the same .28 gauge that peppered Whittington, why would an ambulance be called? And if it was another Cheney gun