Dick Cheney and Osama bin Laden Attack American Democracy

The American democratic system suffered attacks on two fronts today as Cheney and Bin Landen each released sharply critical statements. Both have sworn to change the American system of government by any means necessary. There is no question that the American way of life is under assault by these men, the question is who will defend it.

In a tape aired by Arab media Bin Laden warned that Al-Queda is still planning more attacks against he US. The tape also offered a “long-term truce”, an offer which the White House swiftly rejected.

Middle East expert Juan Cole spoke to Unconfirmed Sources and explained the danger this communication posses to the American system of government.

“The offer of a long tern truce is very troubling to many in the White House. If a truce is agreed upon and happens, then who will the government use as scare the American public. Without the ever present of attack from Arab militants the White House will have to make a new enemy to scare the public with. But too be honest, there is no real good threat out there for this purpose. I suppose they could