Dick Cheney Appears in Video Remix Of Eminem's Mosh!

Unconfirmed sources report that Vice-president Dick Cheney will appear in a new Pro-Bush remix of Eminem’s new Video Mosh. The remix called “RepubMosh” arrived on the web yesterday and has become the most popular web download in history. The Video, made by a group of Young Republicans is meant to help mobilize younger hipper and darker Republicans.

In the remixed video Dick Cheney plays the roll of the rebel leading the disaffected youth of the county to the polls to vote for President Bush. The video makes a powerful statement that Dick Cheney understands the plight of average Americans, despite all the evidence to the contrary. It is a very powerful and meaningful video that will certainly endear the Vice-President to the common inner city man.

“This is a brilliant move by the Bush Cheney team.” Said media figure Moe Rocka. “I mean, I think it is lame and pathetic, but I bet it will appeal to a certain group of inner city home boy Republicans. If this video can mobilize this untapped segment of the electorate it could help push Bush over the top. On the other hand, it could be seen as what it is, a totally absurd attempt to pander to the hipper segment of the American people.”

“Did you know Dick Cheney could get down?” asked White House spokesmen Ben Lion. “The campaign was having fun with this video. We wanted to show the cooler hipper side of Dick Cheney that the public never gets to see. Did you know Dick likes to listen rap and hip-hop with the bass turned up? I bet you didn’t. Dick Cheney is much more in touch with the younger generation that anybody gives him credit for. This is just our way of getting some street cred for the Vice-president. And everybody knows street cred means votes in the inner city.”

Democrats are calling the remixed video disingenuous and lame, but evidence seems to indicate that the remixed video is actually connecting to the target audience.

Milton ‘Whitey’ Jefferson, from the Compton neighborhood in LA, says he liked it. “Yeah, that Cheney guy is one tough mother f#####. In the video he really stands up to ‘The Man’ and I like that in a guy. I thought Dick Cheney was ‘The Man’, but now I know better. He’s cool. I ain’t gonna vote for him, I don’t vote, but he’s tough.”

The remix “RepubMosh” can be found on the GOP’s official website and the Bush Cheney Campaign site.