Dick Cheney Blames Pacifists for Virginia Tech Massacre

(Washington : Ucs News) The Vice President of the United States spoke out today blaming gun control advocates for the increase in gun violence in America. According to Vice President Cheney the acts of irresponsible pacifists “have the potential to destroy American’s freedom and have caused the shocking massacre at Virginia Tech”

The Vice President is taking time away for his national “I blame the Democrats for losing the Iraq war press tour” to focus on growing problem of pacifism and the national scourge of gun control. Cheney has staged pro gun events in Blacksburg Virginia, Lancaster country Pennsylvania , Littleton Colorado and Austin Texas.

Aids to the Vice President Dick Cheney stated “Mr. Cheney feels strongly that discussions of gun control are unpatriotic and only serves to embolden the perpetrators of gun violence.” The tragic events that too place in Blacksburg only shows how devastating pacifism and gun control can be.” Stated Cheney.

A long time friend and supporter Harry Whittington said, “This issue is personally important to the Vice president, a life long hunter of man and beast, Cheney is gun safety expert expert and marksman.”