Dick Cheney Comes Clean to Save Lewis Libby From Indictment

Unconfirmed sources report that Vice President Dick Cheney has surrendered to federal prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald in an attempt to save his long time friend and aid, Scooter Libby. In what is being called a supreme act of loyalty, Dick Cheney has decided to take the fall and spare Libby from an embarrassing indictment and certain jail time for actions related to the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame.

The Vice President is currently in a meeting with Fitzgerald and is reportedly outlining the entire scheme to smear Plame’s husband Joe Wilson during the run up to the war in Iraq. Cheney is said to be taking complete responsibility for the release of Plame’s identity and is trying to deflect Fitzgerald from pursuing Libby.

“This is just the kind of personal responsibility and accountability that this administration has been harping on since it came to Washington.” Says reporter David Brooks. “I’m just glad then when the chips were really down Cheney stood up like a man and took the heat that he deserved. Cheney is not hiding behind some political martyr willing to go to prison to protect his boss, he is being a stand up guy. I think people are going to respect him for it and will probably approve of him getting a pardon form Bush when the whole thing is said and done.”

Loyalty and accountability have been the watch words of this administration and Cheney is setting a terrific example for the youth of this great nation. Cheney is gong to remembered as a stand up guy who made the hard choices and did the right thing.

The President, who is enjoying some time away from Washington today, said that he will take swift action to nominate a replacement for Cheney.