Dick Cheney Not Target of Taliban Suicide Bomber

(Ucs News : Afghanistan) US Vice President Dick Cheney has got a firsthand view of the dangers facing Coalition troops in Afghanistan, after a Taliban suicide bomber attacked near the American military base while Mr Cheney was visiting. While early reports suggested Cheney was the target, Taliban officials later announced the target was a falafel stand across the street.

The Allah-Mohammed falafel stand has long been a target of Taliban fighters. According to locals the falafel stand was notorious for serving greasy, luke warm falafel and short changing customers. In the days leading up to the attack Taliban leaders warned the owner to improve the quality of the falafel or face gods wrath.

The explosion killed up to 14 people and prompted secret service agents to hustle Mr Cheney into a nearby bomb shelter. While Afghan soldiers clear the debris from a suicide bombing, shockwaves extended well beyond the heavily-fortified Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan.

Dick Cheney was planning to leave the base for a meeting with Afghanistan’s President, Hamid Karzai, when the falafel stand was destroyed. The lunch time meeting was delayed as Mr Cheney was moved immediately to a bomb shelter as military officials declared a red alert at the base. The Vice President was not injured, but was disappointed that his lunch was delayed.

Asked if the Taliban were trying to send a message, Cheney said that striking at the The Allah-Mohammed falafel stand with a suicide bomber was a threat to American democracy.