Dick Cheney to Guest Host Larry King Live

(Atlanta : Ucs News) CNN has announced that Dick Cheney will take over hosting duties for Larry King. According to CNN King will be on extended medical leave to recover from severe bloviation.

In a brief statement Larry King explained how Vice President Cheney came to take over. “I really think Vice President Cheney can get people to open up and say exactly what he wants them to…..with or without water boarding.”

Cheney will be guest hosting the program from a secure but undisclosed location. While official unknown many suspect the program will be broadcast from Guantanimo Bay with a 60 second tape delay.

Cheneys first guest will be the infamous Khalid Sheikh Mohammad. According to Guantanimo Bay officials KSM will be very cooperative as Mr. Cheney will have his recently severed fingers on ice until after the program airs.