Dick Cheney : "Vote Republican or you will be killed……."

(WASHINGTON D.C.) UCS News The Vice President of the United States has finally “Taken the Gloves off”. With the Presidents rock bottom poll numbers damaging the hope of Republicans in November Dick Cheney will no longer be playing ‘Mr Nice Guy’. In a speech to the Bush faithful Cheney sent a message to all the Americans that have forgotten we are a nation at war. “Vote Republican or you will be killed…….”

“Dick Cheney speaks the plain truth and is not ashamed if that makes people feel uncomfortable.” stated and aid traveling with the Vice President. In recent days Cheney has been explaining to voters in graphic terms what will happen if they don’t support the President. “Terrorists will be in you towns burning schools and churches while the Democrats try to take your guns away.”

Those close to Cheney have been surprised by the tone of his rhetoric. Cheney has long been seen as a moderate voice in the party and one that could be relied upon to give clear headed advice. It was Cheney who voiced restraint in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. With others the the White House demanding action against Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, the cool headed Cheney took several minutes to make up his mind. “We are going to Iraq!”

With the Presidents poll numbers now up to 39% it’s clear that Cheney will be continuing to blast the “Terror loving Democrats” while explaining the consequence of not obeying the Republican party. In the closing weeks of the campaign we can expect more tough talk and terror alerts as Cheney reminds us all that “Republicans dragged us into this war, so trust us to stay the course.” And for those considering a choice other than a Republican incumbent, “Watch out we just made torture legal.”