Did I Say I Don't Like George W. Bush? Nonsense!

Well, now that the election is over and George W. Bush will be our President for four more years it occurs to me that some of the things I’ve written in the past could, if taken the wrong way, might somehow get misconstrued to mean that I don’t like our Commander in Chief, or worse, that I’m some kind of Liberal. If taken wildly out of context, one may even get the impression that I think George W. Bush is a lying, cheating war criminal who deserves a cell in Guantanamo rather than a bedroom in the White House. Well, that’s just crazy. Allow me please to set the record straight:

George Bush is my president, a great leader and humanitarian ( FBI please note.),

He is one of the most intellectually vibrant men I’ve ever heard ( Barbara Bush please note.),

He is always truthful about imminent threats to our national security ( John Ashcroft please note.),

He is not himself, nor would he ever put an arrogant war monger in any position of power (Paul Wolfowitz please note.),

He is erudite and charming ( Laura Bush please note.),

His tax plans are so brilliant that I’m thinking of taking all the money I’ve ever saved up and well, just giving it back and going as deeply into debt as I can ( John Snow, or whoever thought that one up, please note.),

His handling of the War in Iraq is so well thought out that even Franklin Delano Roosevelt would bow to his strategic sense (Donald Rumsfeld please take note.).

President Bush knows that the old adage is true: What’s good for General Motors is good for the country. Of course, today GM is a third rate car company and the people who really matter now are the military and oil suppliers like Halliburton and the President rightly supports their every effort to make America a better country ( Dick Cheney please note.)

President Bush understands the deeper issues of loyalty in America- that “you’re either
with us or you’re against us” (President Bush’s speech writer please note.) The Neo Con in the Republican Party knows that those godless, terrorist loving Democrat liberals like John Kerry are just as bad as Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein, if not worse ( Tom Ridge please note.)

In short, President George W. Bush is the bestest, smartest, most sweetest man to ever occupy the White House, a shining beacon in our times and will surely lead America to a era of Benign and Compassionate World Domination and I’ll follow him to the ends of the earth, or he’ll follow me, I’m not sure which.