Disappointed Rush Limbaugh Calls Off Kennedy Death Watch

(Palm Beach : Florida)Ucs News- Encouraged by the news of Senator Edward Kennedy’s emergency hospital visit, Limbaugh the popular right wing bloviater gleefully established a death watch for the aging Massachusetts Democrat. Limbaugh’s radio program, Blog and Web site traffic surged as Rush called for Kennedy to “Give the up the progressive fight and just die already..”

Rush was later forced to cancel the death watch after Kennedy’s doctor said the Massachusetts Senator was not in any immediate danger and had not suffered a stroke but that more tests were needed. There was new no word on Kennedy’s condition on Sunday morning.

Kennedy, a leading liberal voice in U.S. politics, is the youngest brother of late President John F. Kennedy and late Sen. Robert Kennedy. He has served since 1962 when his brother took office as president and is now the second-most senior member of the Senate. Kennedy, 76, was airlifted to Massachusetts General Hospital on Saturday morning after being rushed by ambulance to a local hospital near his family’s Cape Cod vacation compound.

Fellow right wing bloviater William O’Reilly of Fox news stated “I’m embarrassed for Rush to take advantage of a serious personal medical problem to score points with his rabid fan base. Shockingly poor taste” The always controversial and confrontational Ann Coulter donated $500 to the Kennedy’s for tomb stone, them stated she was saving a special pair of shoes to dance on the liberal senators grave with.

With Kennedy’s condition stabilized Limbaugh consoled himself with two oxycodone tablets them turned his attention back to political mischief making .