Disaster Czar Rove Gears Up

Mr Rove, and an unidentified assistant taking a break from clean-up efforts
New Orleans, LA (UPSI) – The President’s newly appointed disaster czar moved into high gear this weekend in the slowly awakening historic French Quarter of New Orleans. This area was spared much of the flooding and damage experienced elsewhere in New Orleans and has traditionally been noted to be the focus of the night life in New Orleans. Mr Rove took a direct hands on approach, assisting with clean up, in an attempt to get local businesses back up and running.

Bush demonstrates his flame spitting prowess to cafe patrons in the French Quarter

President Bush made a surprise return visit Saturday night, his fifth to the flood damaged Gulf Coast. He entertained a group of locals outside a restaurant in the French Quarter with a bit of impromptu performance street art. White House spokesperson Scott McClellan stated, “This was a trick that the President had mastered during his fraternity days in college. I think he is trying to shed some of the buttoned-down image that he has acquired lately. This administration just wants to demonstrate to the people of New Orleans and to America that it will be back to business as usual, as soon as possible.”

Barbara Bush leaving a French Quarter establishment Sunday morning with Secret Service escort

The “First Twins” also notably accompanied the President on this visit, perhaps in an attempt to bolster his image as leader, which has been sent reeling as a result of Hurricane Katrina. Mayor Ray Nagin was quoted as saying, “Many people have recently criticized us for moving too fast with re-opening the French Quarter, but you can really tell that a sense of normalcy is really starting to return around here, and pretty quickly.”