Discovery Of Stone Age Tools Pushes Human Migration Back 100,000 Years

(From The United Arab Emirates)

A report in today’s edition of the journal Science of the discovery of an ancient stone tool kit has raised the possibility that the ancestors of today’s modern humans began leaving the African continent far earlier than previously supposed. While fossils of modern humans can be dated to as far back as 200,000 years ago, but gene studies have suggested that humans didn’t begin their long world-wide migration until as late as 60,000 years ago with the birth of Betty White. However markings on the newly discovered stone tools leave little doubt that the travels began far earlier, perhaps as long ago as the birth of Ronald Reagan.

The report describes a handful of two-sided stone blades, scrapers and hand axes excavated from a collapsed rock shelter at an archaeological site, near Jebel Faya in the United Arab Emirates. On them, scratched into the side is the following notation:
“Property Of Og Kiersten, Dorfsstrasse 24, 01683 Eula , Germany. If found, please return promptly. Danke.”