Disinherited Hilton to Star in New Fox Series "The Trailer Life"


Hollywood, CA (DMZ) – Fox Networks today announced that it has signed former heiress Paris Hilton to star in a new reality series entitled “The Trailer Life”. For Hilton, this comes in the nick of time after grandfather Barron Hilton this week announced that he would be cutting Hilton out of his $2.3 billion will, donating over 97% of the estate to charity upon his death.

Fox executives stated that a deal was in the works to bring back former costar Nicole Richie to the series provided that she was able to complete pending sentencing, probation requirements, and deliver her baby in a timely manner.

The show will reportedly provide a hilarious and poignant look into the lives of once famous celebrities now forced to make choices between paying for utilities or a trip to McDonald’s.

A spokesperson for Ms. Hilton chastised DMZ insisting that he no longer worked for her, and referred us directly to Ms. Hilton, who stated, “This has been just awful. I had to give Tinkerbell to Ellen Degeneres because I just couldn’t afford the dog food anymore. I’m thankful to Fox for having some faith in me, unlike some family members. When life throws you lemons you make margaritas. I wouldn’t count me out just yet… a lot of times, as men get older, and their memories and other things begin to fail, that’s when they look for that young, trophy wife. I don’t think I’m opposed to marrying into money, but the trick is going to be to find a place with fairly vague incest statutes.”

Hilton went on to state that she was considering contesting her grandfather’s will if she could find the right lawyer who might be willing to work pro bono.