Doctors Encouraging Everyone to Take Statin Drugs Regardless of Risk

(Wouldyoubelieveit, MA) Doctors around the world are now recommending that even perfectly healthy people with low cholesterol and little or no risk of heart disease start taking statin drugs, more specifically Crestor, on a daily basis.

Studies done on 17,899 healthy people in 26 countries showed that 2 of them had a heart attack while on Crestor whereas 4 people had heart attacks using a placebo.

“This shows a 50% reduction in heart attacks among healthy people using Crestor”, said Dr. Maurice Hardon of Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, MA. “I am going to prescribe statins, more specifically Crestor, to all my patients regardless of age, overall good health or income.”

Dr. Hardon, and all the other doctors involved in the study, admit they have invested a huge part of their personal savings in statin drugs, more specifically Crestor.

“This is not about money!”, Dr. Hardon insisted. “It’s about the good health and well being of all Americans! I hope someday Crestor will be added to the nations drinking water or will become a staple of every American’s diet”.

Other doctors and hospitals throughout the world agreed with the findings of the study and many of them also have a financial interest in Crestor.

In Colombia, government officials praised the work of the study. “Now we are trying to find a health reason for everyone to take cocaine”, Colombian president Alvaro Uribe said half-jokingly.