Dominus Noster launches the anti-Sharron Angle PAC

LAS VEGAS – Due to the heart attack almost induced by Sharron Angle during the primary, and then from watching no real issues being discussed in the midst of Quantitative Easing, which will flood the economy with liquidity, while loose monetary policy drives capital overseas and isn’t export-friendly – contrary to prevailing economic orthodoxy – and then having one party threaten to stop capital outflow via legislative fiat by banning outsourcing which would trap in capital thus trapping in people and another party threatening to do the same by shutting down the borders, Dominus Noster – that’s our lord, or the one sent to save the world from self-destruction – has launched the anti-Sharron Angle PAC and the anti-Don’t Cook Us by Flooding the Economy with Liquidity While Trapping In Capital and People.

“It’s impossible to have open markets with closed borders. You can’t have imports without exports and you can’t have exports without imports. Who was trying to give me a heart attack?” asked Dominus Noster. “I hope everybody realizes we narrowly dodged East Germany by having a heterogeneous legislature. If it didn’t go down like that with precision, and the closed borders guys ended up with a homogeneous legislature, we would have been boxed into a nightmare,” said Dominus. “Throw that lady into the incinerator and crank it up. I was ready to throw my shoes across the room with what I saw unfolding. That lady is rogue.”

Hat tip to Senator Reid and Sig Rogich. I’m truly thankful Senator Reid won. We needed a heterogeneous legislature.