Dominus Noster launches the Draft Satan Sharron Angle and Satan Sarah Palin PAC

LAS VEGAS – Dominus Noster launches the draft Satan Sharron Angle and Satan Sarah Palin PAC for a 2012 presidential ticket.

“The best way to ensure President Obama’s re-election is to get Satan Angle/Satan Palin together on a ticket,” said Dominus. “Do those two broads realize you can’t have imports without exports and you can’t have exports without imports, and you can’t have either or without open markets, and you can’t have open markets without open borders?”

This guy has never felt so good in his entire life now that he has fully mentally processed the fact that Angle – his enemy that he was referring to – has been defeated, the most humble man in the Senate has won, and something good came Sue’s way. His TSH levels are just now responding to gravity and he’s just now getting past his flashbacks from the primary.