Don Imus Joins Obama Ticket as VP

(Washington) Shock jock Don Imus has joined Barack Obama and will be the Democratic Party’s candidate for vice-President. Media watchers are calling Imus’s decision to join the ticket ‘truly inspired’ and ‘just what he needed to get his radio career back on track’.

“We think this is going to give Don some much needed positive exposure” said Ernie Goldblat, Imus’s agent. “Don is in a bit of a slump with all the talk of him making racist remarks, and I think this will help. Months of standing next to Barack Obama are sure to buff up his image, and who knows maybe it could lead to something big in the future.

Imus’s image needs all the help it can get as he is again embroiled in controversy over remarks he made that have been interpreted as racist. This marks the second time in a year that Imus has gotten into hot water over racial remarks.

The Obama campaign said that Barack is excited about working with Imus. They say Imus should help the ticket reach out to new voting groups that wouldn’t normally consider a candidate like Obama.