Donald Trump tapped to Fire Alberto Gonzales

(WASHINGTON : Ucs News) The White House announced today that Donald Trump has been selected to fire the embattled Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. Trump is the perfect man for the job, unlike the President, Trump has no patience for incompetence.

According to White House insiders Trump was called in because The President just can’t bring himself to sack his longtime adviser, no matter how badly Alberto Gonzales screwed up the Department of Justice.

Donald Trump a long time critic of the Bush administration has accepted the task and according to reports is looking forward to using his Trademark phrase “Alberto, Your Fired!”

From the set of his highly rated program “The Apprentice” Trump told reporters. “It’s an honor for me. I have been waiting opportunity like this to serve my country. My only wish is that I could fire Bush and Cheney along with Gonzales.”