Donald Trump, You're Fired!

Unconfirmed sources report that Donald Trump has been fired from his own TV show, The Apprentice. Donald Trump got the boot during an emergency board meeting called by the new chairmen of NBC and GE, former Apprentice contestant Ivana. “I fired that slimy bad haired SOB.” Said Ivana at a press conference. “And boy did it feel good.”

The Fireworks began just after Donald fired Ivana last week. She got into the cab and raced to her down town office were she put into motion her plan to launch a hostile take over of NBC’s parent company General Electric. The lightening speed of the take over has shocked the world of Wall Street and financial Markets around the globe. Ivana replaced Bob Wright as Vice Chairman and Executive Officer of GE and took personal control of GE’s television holdings. She then ordered Jeff Zucker, President of NBC Universal Television Group to bring in Trump so she could fire him herself.

“I’m not sure how this all happened. We are still scratching our heads around here.” Said GE board member Randy Falco after the takeover of GE was complete. “Ivana led a group of big money investors and they somehow managed to buy up all our debt and a massive pile of our stock before we could stop them. I’m really impressed, that Ivana is a real mover and shaker. I’m looking forward to serving on the board with her if she will have me.”

“That bitch. I’m gonn’a make her pay. This is far from over.” Raged Donald Trump at a press conference held in one of his bankrupt casinos. “If that little tart thinks she has gotten the best of me she better think again. I’m Donald Trump and she better not forget it. I’m a survivor, I’m to get back on feet and take her down.”

As for The Apprentice TV program Ivana has decided to become the host for the final two episodes and has signed a deal with herself for three more seasons of the hit show. “Donald was tough.” Said Ivana. “But I’m going to show those pansies how a real CEO acts. And to you Donald: Get a hair cut.”