Double Oops! – Bush Live Mike Incident Was Staged

Cambridge, MD (Rotters) – The eavesdropping tables that were originally felt to be turned accidentally on President Bush on Friday, have apparently been turned again when it was revealed today that the “accidental” eavesdropping by reporters had actually been staged by the White House. The ploy was exposed when a reporter from a little known Internet news service called Unconfirmed Sources became suspicious of the direction that the president’s supposed private conversation with Republican representatives was taking. In light of the factor that the private statements by the president were basically no different from what he’s said in public, this particular reporter, out of all the news services present, became immediately suspicious.

Some further digging by the Unconfirmed Sources reporter revealed that indeed the entire “accidental eavesdropping incident” had been orchestrated by White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove in conjunction with recently indicted celebrity private investigator Anthony Pellicano. The private investigator, who has worked for Hollywood stars such as Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor, and Sylvester Stallone, was recently released from federal prison after completing a 2 1/2 year year sentence. Pellicano had been scheduled to be rearrested and face trial for racketeering, interception of electronic communications, and other illegal wiretap offenses. Prosecutors also alleged that his company pioneered computer software to aid in acquisition of the illegal wiretap information.

The White House refused comment on the fact that these charges against Pellicano in California now appear to have been dropped, and they refused to comment on the authenticity of a photograph being circulated which apparently shows a covert meeting between Mr. Rove and Mr. Pellicano sometime last month. White House spokesperson Scott McClellan also adamantly refused to admit that the entire incident had been staged, and instead maintained that this was a rare and accidental look behind the scenes of the Bush presidency which illustrates the honesty and integrity of the man.

Polls now show that the president’s illegal wiretapping public-relations campaign spearheaded by Rove, and now apparently Pellicano, appears to be incredibly effective. While the American public overwhelmingly disagrees with the effectiveness and direction of the Bush administration leadership domestically, internationally, and economically, 56% of those polled have no real problems with domestic spying.