Dow Jones Drop Due to Windows Vista 3D Chess Glitch

(Ucs News : New York) When the Dow Jones industrial average plunged to its low of the session Tuesday, it happened with incredible swiftness — a matter of seconds — because of a Windows Vista computer glitch that kept some trades from being immediately reflected in the index of 30 blue chip stocks.

Dow Jones & Co., the media company which manages the flagship index, said around 2 p.m — just two hours before the New York Stock Exchange was to close — a bored veteran trader Tony Martini started a game of Microsoft 3D chess. A glitch in the Vista Chess program triggered a complete system failure.

Soon after Martini captured the white queen it was discovered that the exchanges computers were not properly calculating trades. The company traced the problem to the Dell Latitude D610 laptop running Vista and the 3D chess program. Once the fault was discovered technicians switched to a backup computer.

The result was a massive swoon in the index that happened in the seconds it took Dow Jones to switch to its secondary computers. Tony did defeat his computer opponent in 34 moves, not his personal best but still a respectable effort in-light of the chaos surrounding him.