Duke lacrosse team accepts apology from Don Imus

(RALEIGH, N.C.) – Duke men’s lacrosse coach Mike Pressler said Friday the team had accepted radio host Don Imus’ apology. He said Imus deserves a chance to move on but hopes the furor his racist and sexist insults caused will be a catalyst for change.

“We, the Duke University lacrosse team, accept Mr. Imus’ apology, and we are in the process of forgiving,” Pressler read from a team statement a day after the men met personally with shock jock Don Imus.”We still find his statements to be unacceptable, and this is an experience that we will never forget,” Pressler said.

The team had just played for the NCAA championship last week and lost when Imus, on his nationally syndicated radio show, called the players “elitist, drunken rapists.” The statement outraged listeners and set off a national debate about taste and tolerance. It also led to his firing by CBS on Thursday.

“These comments are indicative of greater ills in our culture,” Pressler said. “It is not just Mr. Imus, and we hope that this will be and serve as a catalyst for change. Let us continue to work hard together to make this world a better place for our nations wealthy spoiled brats.”