E-E-T News: Obama TV, Sarah Palin Drinks the Tea and George Bush Is Back?

(Nashville-TN) Former Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin was the keynote speaker at the first official Tea Party convention. The convention is an attempt to organize the grass roots Tea Party movement into a force able to endorse and elect politicians who share their belief in less government and more input by citizens. Interviewed on Fox New, Palin surprisingly criticized the Obama administration. “He’s telling everybody else, ‘Listen up and I’ll tell you the way it is,'” bristled the Thriller From Wasilla. “Well, we have a representative form of government. And we want him and we want Congress to listen to what the things are that we are saying.” Palin also went on to say that if elected President in 2012 she would be committed to keeping government small by quitting if a better opportunity came along.

(Washington, D.C.) On February 25th, President Obama will hold a bipartisan meeting on health care reform broadcast live, according to a senior administration official. It is the Obama administration’s latest attempt to pass health care reform legislation, which is now split along party lines due to the election of Republican Senator Scott Brown. Obama explained his rationale for the live broadcast. “If Congress decides we’re not going to do it, even after all the facts are laid out, then the American people can make a judgment whether this Congress has done the right thing for them or not.” The senior administration official that broke the news feels that the American people will make the right judgment but added, “I really don’t want to attach my name to this just yet.”

(Wyoming-Minnesota) A billboard with a picture of a smiling George W. Bush paired with a caption “Miss Me Yet?” is drawing attention to the small town. The ad was taken out by a group of small business owners who prefer to remain anonymous. The message they believe voices the majority of many Americans, that government should stay out of the pockets of business owners and not increase taxes that will only go to help those less fortunate. George W. Bush was asked for a comment. But the former President said that unfortunately Dick Cheney was unavailable, so he really didn’t know how to respond.

(Tokyo-Japan) Beleaguered auto manufacturer Toyota may be in store for consumer lawsuits based on loss of value after Kelley Blue Book, a leading used-car value service, lowered its estimated resale prices for the recalled models by 2.5% to 3.5%. The resulting loss of resale value could be as high as six to eight billion dollars. The auto manufacturer commented by saying that traditionally the recalled models have retained their resale value and they see no reason that this would not hold true in the future. Further, the company is committed to assisting owners of these vehicles to maintain their resale value with new slogans: “Nothing can stop a Prius…literally” and “Lexus breaks through the glass ceiling and glass windows too.”

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