E-E-T News: Unemployment Rises, Sarah Palin Silent and Mom Janine Lindemulder

(Milwaukee-WI) Sarah Palin, former Republican Vice Presidential candidate and Alaska Governor, is scheduled to give her first major speech since resigning from the office last summer. It will be at a Wisconsin Right to Life event. While Palin addressing a Right To Life event is no more noteworthy than Levi Johnston speaking to anyone who puts a TV camera in front of him, of note is Palin’s purposeful low profile. No press will be allowed into the auditorium and those attending will be prohibited to bring cell phones, cameras, laptops or recording devices of any kind. Reporters asked Palin spokesperson Meg Stapelton why Palin would suddenly go low profile when a recent poll showed that only one in three Americans would consider voting for her. “I just want to say…. for those who think that this is a…..this is a strategy that….oh, who am I kidding. I’ve got nothing.”

(New York-NY) According to a government report released this week, the nation’s unemployment rate rose above 10% for the first time since 1983, a more drastic jump than expected. Although last month the Obama administration estimated that 640,000 jobs were created by the federal stimulus package passed earlier this year, the gain hasn’t been significant compared to the 7.3 million jobs that have been lost since the start of 2008. In response, White House Press Secretary Robert “Bob” Gibbs released the following statement, “While the unemployment rate is 10.2%, let’s remember that the employment rate is 89.8%. And that’s a solid B+ average!”

(Los Angeles-CA) Jesse James, of Monster Garage, his current wife, actress Sandra Bullock, and James’s ex-wife, adult actress Janine Lindemulder are still battling for custody over James’ 5 year old daughter, Sandy, the child he had with Lindemulder. James and Bullock each wrote separate letters to the court presiding over the case stating that Lindemulder was an unfit mother, alleging among other items that she allowed the child to associate with her current husband, felon Jeremy Aikman. Lindemulder defended herself on ABC’s Good Morning American. “Sandy doesn’t know what goes on in my house,” said the adult star about Bullock. Lindemulder then offered to sit down with Bullock as “two women talking about their common husband, who eventually realize that he has done them both wrong and that the only way to get over it is having sex with each other in the shower and in the process finding a unique use for a loofah.”

(Charlotte-NC) During a lesson on the Civil War at the historic Latta Plantation, a tour guide caused controversy when he selected black students from the Rea View Elementary school, there on a class trip, to be slaves in front of their white classmates, having the black classmates role play slave tasks such as picking cotton. Charlotte-Mecklenburg National Association for the Advancement of Colored People President Kojo Nantambu expressed the sentiment over the action. “There is a lingering sense of inhumanity since slavery. Because that’s still there, you want to be more sensitive than historically correct.”
Historian Ian Campbell, in retrospect, agreed his “lesson” may not have been correct. “I’m going to start asking for volunteers instead of calling people. I think that would make it a lot easier if someone is afraid of public speaking or getting up in front of peers it wouldn’t embarrass them.” Mr. Campbell seems to have realized both the error of his ways and that the major crime of slavery was embarrassing people by making them speak in public.

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