Early Voting Craze Sweeps Nation Unifying Democratic Opposition to Bush and Iraq War

Washington, DC (APE) – With many voters, especially Democrats, taking advantage of early voting opportunities available in most states, a growing number are using the occasion to make their voices heard after voting by dying a finger blue. The gesture is a reference to the purple finger of support after the Bush’s heralded “Free Elections” in Iraq, prior to the country’s plunge into civil war. Some people are choosing to dye their thumbs or index fingers after voting, but the vast majority are opting to color and then flash their middle fingers, a reference to George Bush’s infamous “one fingered salute” to the American people prior to engineering the invasion of Iraq.

“It’s a great way to show your support for our troops”, stated Stand Strong, a blogger for the Daily Kos.

In a related story, the Bush Administration was dealt another severe blow today with the revelation that the publishers for the armed service related publications, The Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Times planned to print editorials in all four editions on Monday demanding the immediate resignation or firing of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. This comes two days before the election, and just days after the president made a public show of support and commitment to Mr. Rumsfeld and the equally unpopular Vice President Cheney, vowing that they would both stay onboard for the remainder of his term in office. The White House declined to comment upon rumors that an investigation of Gannet, the publisher for all four periodicals, had been launched by the Department of Justice.