Ed-E-torial 26: Miss Piggy Bi, Lynne Spears Mom of the Year And Richard Gere Goes Bollywood

(New York–New York) Publishing giant Random House today announced the title of Lynne Spears, mother to Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears, new book on parenting, “I’m O.K, My Kids’ Suck!”

FLASH: First Lindsay Lohan, Clay Aiken and now Miss Piggy? Be sure to clck the player below to see your reactions to Miss Piggy coming out of the pen and admitting she’s bisexual.

(New Dehli–India) An Indian court has suspended an arrest warrant against Richard Gere for publicly kissing a Bollywood actress. Reacting to the sudden dismissal, the Buddhist “American Giglio”‘s ex-wife, Cindy Crawford,exclaimed, “Kissing? Wow! That’s further than I ever got with him.” The hamster was unavailable for comment.

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Ed-E-torial 26: Lindsay Lohan And Miss Piggy Gay?Watch more amazing videos here

And if you mised it, meet the “other” two girls one cup girl. Click the player below:

The "Other" Girl From Two Girls One CupFunny videos are here

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