Ed-E-torial 27: Maxim's "Hot" Politicians. John McCain Short On Hair And Cash!

(New York, NY) “Maxim” magazine has come out with its “100 Hottest Cabinet Members”. Number one was Condoleezza Rice. And in a surprising turn, coming in at number two was Abraham Lincoln’s Secretary of State, William Seward.

(Washington, D.C) “The Washington Post” reported that the Presidential candidate most likely to quote from “Dirty Harry”, John McCain, is still behind Barack Obama in fund raising. However “The Post” did report that McCain has been saving his campaign a substantial amount of money by using his AARP discount.

A guy in a wheelchair who can read minds? It’s a little David Blaine, a little “Murder Ball”. Check our Wheelchair “Swami” Bob. Click the player below.

Maxim’s "Hot" Politicians And Swami BobFor more amazing video clips, click here

And if you missed it, find out your reactions to Miss Piggy coming out of the closet. Click the player below!

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Here’s anoter chance to meet the “other” two girls one cup girl. Click the player below:

The "Other" Girl From Two Girls One CupFunny videos are here

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