Ed-E-torial 28: "Survivor" John McCain. Mr. Sulu A Pain in Captain Kirk's Asteroid?

(Washington, D.C.) To once and for all prove that that he’s not too old to handle the responsibilities of President, John McCain has contacted the producer of the reality show “Survivor”, Mark Burnett, asking Burnett to let him compete. Addressing the move at a press conference this week, McCain said, “If I can survive an endorsement from George Bush, I can survive anything.”

(Hollywood–CA) The International Space Object Naming Registry announced that George Takei will have an asteroid named after him. The surprising development caused a caustic William Shatner to remark, “Takei? A star? No, of course, only an asteroid. How fitting he should be named after something that has the word “ass” in it.”

And stick around for the end of the podcast to see the Ed and Amber smack down.

Remember tomorrow is Election Day. So vote early and vote often.

John McCain vows to become the Ultimate Survivor. George Takei becomes a star…really. Click the player below:

"Survivor" John McCain. Mr. Sulu A Pain in Captain Kirk’s AsteroFree videos are just a click away

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