Ed-E-torial #3: Britney Spears Says, "No Anal." Jenna Jameson Gets Searched. And Barry Bonds Auth…

(New York–NY) Welcome Dear Friends and Respected Enemies and, yes, you too George Bush. It’s Ed-E-torial #3. Or as we like to call it: “The one where you get to meet Wheelchair Bobby.”

Los Angeles-CA) Britney Spears has lost her most searched web status to adult star Jenna Jameson, but she bears no ill-will against the adult star. According to a statement released by Spears’ publicist and posted on Jossip.com, Britney said, “I just can’t compete. She does anal, and I can’t anymore because having Sean Preston gave me hemorrhoids.” Kevin Federline was unavailable for comment.

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((San Francisco-CA) In an interview with Major League Baseball .com, Barry Bonds said that he doubts he will pass Hank Aaron’s home run record of 755 due to his age, injuries and lack of steroids. However, Bonds did feel confident that he could pass Ron Artest’s record of punching fans if one more San Francisco Giant fan asks him about Game of Shadows.

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