Editorial: Why We Must Listen To George W. Bush And Stay The Course In Iraq

President George W. Bush addressed the nation from Fort Bragg on the first anniversary of the turnover of Iraq to the Iraqi people. With his poll numbers at an all time low, U.S. military casualties mounting daily, insurgent attacks showing no sign of abating and even some of his most ardent Republican supporters questioning his military strategy an calling for withdrawal Mr. Bush knew he had to give the speech that would define both the war and his entire second term. He succeeded beautifully.

President Bush alluded several times to the September 11th attacks in New York City, Washington DC and Pennsylvania, rightly pointing out the connection between Saddam Hussein and the Saudi Arabian terrorists that committed the crimes and explaining to the American people that even though he has admitted that these two things are completely unrelated, they are one in the same. While this may be confusing to most uninformed Americans and even more confusing to informed Americans, President Bush, with his savant-like grasp of world affairs has always been able to see the link between those two implacable enemies Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden. In fact, just days after bin Laden succeeded with the 9/11 attacks Mr. Bush began gearing up to invade Iraq in response. Why? I have no idea, but we should always trust our betters.

As Unconfirmed Sources writer Kamal el Din pointed out, after two years of occupation and growing anarchy, Mr. Bush is pinning his hopes on the fledgling Iraqi Security Forces to complete the job that the American military’s Commander in Chief cannot seem to do. Mr. Bush correctly points out that this failure is not the fault of the troops themselves, but rather their leadership. Therefore, it is critical to support the military’s leadership by allowing them to remain in command without any clear plan; the consequences of the United States having a coherent strategy that the terrorist thugs, losers an dead-enders can easily understand are too devastating to contemplate.

Mr. Bush also pointed out that in order to pay homage to the seventeen hundred men and women of the American Military that have already lost their lives and the thousands of maimed and wounded soldiers whose lives have been irreparably torn apart is to continue to put even more troops in harms way, whether or not there’s any point to it. After all, admitting that those deaths and mutilations were caused in the pursuit of a mistake would be counter-productive for Conservative Empire Builders in general and President Bush in particular.

The President did his best to explain to the American people that it was worth the lives of the estimated one hundred thousand innocent Iraqi men, women and children who have died so far since the occupation began, because the more foreigners under our protection that the terrorists kill, the less Americans who will die, assuming that the forty or so thousand insurgents in Iraq would be able to get through our border security (which is, given the state of our border security is a reasonable assumption) and kill Americans in the United States.

So, that’s the current strategy: keep insurgents killing innocent Iraqi’s in order to save innocent Americans, hope that one day the Iraq Security Forces will get better at surviving long enough to get better and keep thinking that Saddam had something to do with 9/11. Let’s support him in this thinking, because hoping may one day make it so.