Election Bomb shell: George W. Bush and John McCain are BOTH Republicans

(Washington D.C.) Ucs News- Unconfirmed Sources investigative reporter and agent provocateur Walid has discovered a shocking scandal that “Will blow this election wide open.” According to Walid the disastrously inept and shockingly corrupt Bush administration is run by Republicans.” Worse yet Walid has learned that Arizona Senator John McCain is also a lifelong Republican.

Ucs News background research department also reports these same Republicans have been in control of Washington for 8 years. The research has also revealed that it was Republicans that botched the response to the 911 attacks and led the nation into a useless war in Iraq.

Walid has also discovered these Republicans can also be linked to the nations mounting debts and the ongoing finical crisis. “WIth 8 years on power many people may actually blame the Republicans for the nations troubles.” stated Walid.

With 8 weeks left in the 2008 Presidential election John McCain has gone to great lengths to hide the fact that he is a Republican. Republicans have caused this disaster so let’s do the right thing and send in a Republican to clean it up.