Elections: Hey, Did You Know You Can Change The World Next Week?

Eleven or so days. Obama took office one year and seven months ago and where are we? Well, marginally better off, but that’s not the point. For the previous eight years the GOP has been borrowing and spending and actually encouraging large corporations to send jobs overseas and then the last two years fighting any changes to that plan tooth and nail. So why hasn’t Obama fixed everything yet? I mean, what’s wrong with the guy? Well, we are. (Oh, just keep reading- you can find funny stuff later on)

Okay, forget about the fact that he spent the first year giving bi-partisan-ship a try…a rookie mistake, especially for a Black guy. Forget about the fact as Democrats head into the midterm elections, their signature tax cut of the past two years, which decreased income taxes by up to $400 a year for individuals and $800 for married couples, has gone largely unnoticed. (New York Times). Forget that there are no ‘death panels’. Forget the outright lies of Limbaugh and Hannity.

Forget that Sarah Palin’s Alaska relies on 80% of it’s revenue from an unsustainable resource- oil, or they get twice as many federal dollars back as they pay in taxes or charge the highest property and business taxes in America…more than even New York. Forget that Christina O’Donnell out and out lied about her education and can’t figure out the first amendment, forget that Rand Paul (who gets half his income from Medicare payments) wants to let redneck business owners refuse to serve people based on color or religion or whatever, Forget that Sharon Angle wants to force you, if your daddy raped you in a drunken rage, to have the baby. Forget all those positions. Or don’t, cause these are the people you’re holding up as heroes of the Tea Party. Is this what you really believe?

Or do you just want to be angry cause the world is changing around us? Then stick with the Tea Party. They do anger really well.

But if you’re an Independent or Democrat, voting in 2008 wasn’t the end of your job. 2010 is just as important. To the 37,500 people at UCLA who attended the rally there this week. take one more day and vote. What you voted in 2008 for can happen, it’s up to you. Yeah, Obama made mistakes, but at least he’s not committed to “staying the course”. He’ll adapt and adaptation is not waffling.

You want less taxes? Cut off Alaska. You believe that all men are created equal, regardless of race, creed or color? Drop Rand Paul. You believe incest is bad? Dump Sharon Angle. You want Social Security, Medicare, Unemployment and Food Stamps when you’re out of work or retired? Vote for Democrats…it was FDR, Truman and LBJ who gave you things in the first place. You want budget surpluses? Bill Clinton.

Change takes time and the support of regular people, not just the really rich ones who try to buy elections in order to keep their tax breaks or shadowy foreign corporations pouring money into our elections. Change doesn’t mean just voting “No”. It means discussion, deals and bi-partisanship. It means frustrating compromise and going back and trying again and again. Rosa Parks didn’t get off the bus and have all White people say, “Well, okay. That’s done. Let’s segregate.”

We give up too easily, that’s the problem. What happens today will affect the rest of our lives and possibly change America forever. It’s up to you. Really.