Elliot Spitzer to Establish a Presidential Exploratory Committee

Governor elect of New York State, Elliot Spitzer, has announced that he has established a Presidential Exploratory Committee. The committee which is quickly forming will attempt to locate the President of the United States, George W. Bush, who has been missing since early November.

“I just don’t know where the President is and I think that the American people want to know what is going on.” Said Spitzer. “I think that a Presidential Exploratory Committee is the best way to find him. He is a towering presence in the country and he must be found.”

The location of the President has been a mystery since November when Democrats won a stunning electoral victory. The President has been scheduled to appear at several events and press conferences only to ‘cancel’ at the last moment. The Washington press corps is at it’s wit’s end with nothing to report on.

White House officials insist that nothing is wrong with the President and that he is working hard and making progress on the tough issues that face the country.

Unconfirmed sources has received the intriguing photograph above that seems to show the President ‘fading’. We took the photo to an expert and he has confirmed that the President has lost what looks to be about 55% of his opacity.