It’s the year 2015. A consortium of the world’s foremost architects, engineers, financiers, construction companies, and scientists embarked on a project which would be the greatest wonder of the world of all time.
The plan was to build an entire city under an enclosed dome!
The city would have an absolutely perfect synthetic climate, lighting which would simulate 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness; the air would be filtered and purified…. An absolutely perfect man-made environment!

In 2030, the city, named Utopiapolis, was finally completed in the state of Kansas at a cost of 125 trillion dollars.Under the dome, the landscaped streets were wide and lined with shops, parks, schools, lakes and outdoor cafes. Homes were condos and apartments of fantastic design with every known amenity. All vehicles were electric and non-polluting. Coats, sweaters, rain gear….were unnecessary. A synthetic sun dawned at 7 A.M. and set slowly at 7 P.M. The temperature was a constant 76 degrees and a warm, fragrant breeze, scented with balsam pine filled the city. Soft, classical music filled the air….. Above, during the day, a synthetic blue sky with floating clouds appeared on the dome’s inside surface. At night, a full moon and stars appeared. The city was always perfect; even when storms, lightning, hail and snow fell outside . It was truly a utopia. The city was unaffected by outside annoyances.

People from all over the world moved in. The economy was self-contained, Everyone was tranquil, happy and smiling. The city was governed by an elected commission, Perfection had at last been achieved.
A year after the city was inhabited, a group of its occupants went to the city commission. The spokesperson for the group told the commission that the city was wonderful, but perhaps monotonous. ” Could there be a bit of variation from the daily perfect environment?”
A referendum was put forth to the dwellers and it was then decided that the temperature would vary randomly between 55 and 80 degrees, and that the days would be shorter in the winter and longer in the summer to simulate seasons. This was done, but soon, the commisson was approached again. ” We have a generation growing up which never has seen rain or snow. How about a bit of rain and some snowflakes once in a while?” The commission agreed and at huge expense created an occasional rain and in the winter, a bit of snowfall.
Everyone was happy, until it was decided that the steady, nice, perfumed breeze was a bit aggravating. The majority agreed and another great expenditure built a random wind machine which could blow from various directions from calm to brisk. Humidity could be varied, and all were happy.
But once again the dwellers were dissatisfied. ” That balsam-scented breeze is getting a bit upsetting.” they told the commission, which then had the city’s engineers inject other odors; slight exhaust fumes, a bit of haze, the smell of wet grass….., but still the inhabitants were not contented. ” We would enjoy seeing phases of the moon, different types of clouds, meteorites at night, blinking satellites…..could you accomplish that? …. And how about some bird songs and squirrels?”
The commission went into a long session. At great expense, the dome was removed and everyone in the city was happy and contented, and there were no further complaints.