"Epic Blunder" Destroys Ballot Box Office

Hollywood, CA (APE) – “Blackman, the Dark Knight” America’s latest ballot box office smash hit featuring newcomer Barack Obama was knocked out of the top slot this past weekend. “Epic Blunder “, a new dark comedy of errors featuring the triple threat comic genius of old-school Republican celebrities Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, and presumptive president John McCain knocked the Dark Knight out of the top slot this weekend despite dismal showings of $21 million versus over $56 million for the month of July.

“Epic Blunder” is a classic war within a war within a photo opportunity within a movie which features the presidential posturings of action hero/POW John McCain. With careers stagnating, McCain, Bush, and Cheney seek to reinvent themselves with a bear baiting expedition into the remote reaches of the former Russian state of Georgia. The fake democracy expedition goes horribly wrong when they realize that the child czar Putin is playing for keeps and America is shooting blanks.

Movie quote:

John McCain: “Wait, guys, are you telling me you’re giving up on democracy in Georgia? I thought we were supposed to be a team, a unit.”
Dick Cheney: “Suck my unit.”

“Epic Blunder” will be in ballot offices through November and is rated PG for threats of violence.