WASHINGTON– Deborah Jeane Palfrey. the madam of a high-priced ‘escort service’ is about to release the names of her clients, and the only ones in this capitol city who are not shaking in their boots are members of the gay community.

Allegedly running a prostitution ring which is illegal in Washington, Palfrey’s attorneys have released 46 pounds of phone records divulging her ‘ more than 10,00 names’ of clientele to ABC News, which says it will reveal the names on their next 20/20 program.

Palfrey promises that there will be some ‘shocker’ names on the list. “I might even reveal some of their kinky demands” she added.

As a Hor d’ouverve before the main course, she has already named Deputy Secretary of State, Randall Tobias who claims he only went for a ‘massage’ but quit his job after he was outed, and Harlan K. Ullman, of The Center for Strategic and International Studies, whose only claim to fame is that he provided the slogan ‘ shock and awe’ to Bush’s bombing of Baghdad. Ullman’s lawyer said the charges ‘don’t merit a response’.

Palfrey claims that government lobbyists for her competitor,Tootsie DeBoise, owner of ‘Rent-a-Ho’are trying to force her out of business. ” When my list comes out, she will find herself without customers as her clients hide with their tails between their legs!”

Thousands of Congressmen, high government officials, supreme court judges, cabinet members, straight-laced Republican fundamentalists, Rabbis, Priests, Cardinals, Baptist ministers, pages, generals, admirals and CIA operatives have suddenly gathered up their wives and families and booked passage for remote African safaris and Antarctic trips, coincidently out of reach of TV, the internet and radio.