Evangelical Christians Stunned : Atheist Tapped to Run Saddleback Mega Church

(Lake Forest : California) Ucs News – Saddleback Church Paster Rick Warren stunned his evangelical flock by naming outspoken Atheist Christopher Hitchens as the new spiritual leader of Church. Warren resigned today stating “God has called be to another, higher purpose.”

Gotcha! Seriously, Rick Warren would never pick Christopher Hitchens to run his church. So tell me why would 50% of Americans pick Republican John McCain to clean up the mess made by Republican George W. Bush?

Sending John McCain to Washington will accomplish nothing. In fact you can’t “send” John McCain to Washington he’s already there and has been for the last 22 years. You would like to think that in 22 years John McCain would be able to address his concerns.

So if you think it’s a good idea to send a pig to clean up the pig pen. Then send in John McCain. If you think the fox will do a nice job in the hen house then go ahead, send in John McCain. If you put out a fire by tossing on more wood then go right ahead…Send in John McCain.

There is nothing better than a another Republican to clean up a Republicans mess.

Vote John McCain!