Experimental Plan D Released as Over the Counter by Mistake

New York, NY (APE) – An embarrassed Barred Pharmaceuticals President Fred Wilkinson, today announced that its experimental male contraceptive pill, Plan D, was released nationwide, mistakenly upon the rollout of its over-the-counter controversial morning after pill, Plan B. The packaging apparently is very similar in appearance and Wilkinson expressed fears of possible adverse reactions.

The morning after the mistake, however, Wilkinson’s fears appear to be largely unrecognized and Barred Pharmaceuticals is faced with attempting to recall an overwhelmingly successful product.

The consensus story appears to be that women purchasing the drug over-the-counter thinking that it was Plan B, actually read the directions and did not take the medication themselves. Many went further to either entice their partners or covertly administer the medication to them. The results have been an overwhelming success in the eyes of the women who purchased the mistaken drug, and there has been a reported mad rush to pharmacies nationwide to purchase the over-the-counter preparation before Barred has a chance to follow through with its recall.

The active ingredient in Plan D is devonorgestrel, and it seems to have a dampening or somewhat modulating effect on the male hormone testosterone.

“It was just amazing”, stated an anonymous woman. “My husband seemed to be almost instantly more attuned to my feelings. In situations where he might have once insisted upon having sex, he actually deferred to me. And there wasn’t all this anger and frustration when I turned him down.”

Other women reported that there seemed to be an overall diminished interest in sex from their partners with an increase in their emotional attention span. Others reported that, in addition, there appeared to be no real adverse side effects such as sedation, and in fact, their partners appear to be more energetic and involved with completing household chores.

Barred Pharmaceuticals stated that it must continue the recall by law, but company lawyers are looking into streamlining the testing and research process to bring devonorgestrel to market. Religious conservatives have already begun to voice stern objections over the move citing biblical concerns over the relationship between man and woman. It is unclear at this point, whether Plan D will have any real effect on birth control as it was intended and will warrant further scrutiny.