Experts Predict 28% Chance John McCain Will Die in First Term

(Washington D.C.) Ucs News — A study of past presidents has shown the if elected John McCain has a 28% of passing alway during his first term in office. A survey of the 39 dead presidents shows that only 11 of 39 survived to be 76 years old.

The age of John McCain has always be a shadow hanging over his campaign like the grim reaper. The Obama campaign rightly steered clear of this perceived weakness but when McCain selected the neophyte Sarah Palin as his running mate his “survivability” became an issue that could not be ignored.

Political analysts agreed that Barack Obama made a prudent maybe even conservative choice selecting Joe Biden. Ironically, the so called conservative candidate John McCain is risking the nation with his pick of the unqualified and inexperienced Sarah Palin.

This selection of Sarah Palin has once again brought the issues of age and experience back to the forefront of this campaign. However instead of the youthful Barack Obama facing criticism of inexperience the aging John McCain must clam the fears that his VP selection is irresponsible if not dangerous.