An 18 page Federal Indictment reveals for the first time graphic details about the NFL star’s alleged involvement in a dog fighting ring.

It says Vick, known as “Ookie”, and his 3 co-defendants known as P-Funk, Q, and T began a dog fighting ring six years ago known as “Bad Newz Kennels” at Vick’s Surrey County,Virginia, property.

This case began to unravel 3 months ago when police seized nearly 70 pit bulls from Vick’s property, along with elaborate equipment.

At one point the Indictment alleges: “Michael Vick and Purnell Peace executed their losing dog by wetting him down with water and electrocuting him.”

It also says one day “Vick, Peace and Phillips executed about eight dogs that did not perform well.”

It then goes on to say that the defendants used different methods of killing the dogs including hanging, drowning, shooting, electrocuting and slamming one dog to the ground.

Dog lovers across the country are appalled and have vented their wrath on Vick by email, letters to editors and on talk shows.

An email from ‘R.H.’ suggests that an interesting event would be Vick against a pit bull.

He writes,”Should Vick emerge victorious, he should be placed in a cage with a bowl of dog food, and be beaten regularly to psyche him up for the next fight….which….should he lose, be put out of his misery with a slab of poisoned meat.”

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